“Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Bridal market week is truly as romantic as it sounds.  Today, a good friend of mine gave me a glimpse into the world of renown bridal gown designer, Jenny Packham.  Her whimsical designs sent me back to the mansions of The Great Gatsby and the roaring 20’s.  Romantic, feminine, and playful.. these dresses are truly timeless.  I love how this antique look easily translates to the modern day.

Below I’ve taken of my favorite Jenny Packham pieces of today and illustrated them with souls from the past…



#TBT August 2007 – Harper’s Bazaar – The Simpsons Go To Paris

Jan, the executive assistant who sits on my floor always provides the best commentary… bringing the fashionistas back down to earth one gal at a time.  When I walked by her desk less visited this morning (she has two) I noticed the most amazing editorial tacked on her bulletin board…  The Simpsons Go to Paris with Linda Evangelista circa August 2007 Harper’s Bazaar.

I’m so in love with this collaboration for a few reasons.  First of course, it’s The Simpsons, but more importantly, its a collaboration of taste and humor.  Fashion can be so serious, catty, competitive and superficial.  To me, there’s nothing more refreshing when its relatable to everyone but still chic and luxurious.  In my opinion, humor is what facilitates advanced fashion’s relatability to the common folk while still protecting the integrity of its importance and stature to the industry.  Enjoy.





Illustrations by Julius Preite