Because Eye Can

To me, living confidently means doing whatever I want (fabulously), saying whatever I want (sarcastically) and getting whatever I want (always).  I get kick out of putting a vision in my pea brain and visualizing it to reality.  Why?  Because I can.

I’m a little late to post on the “Eye” trend.  Nonetheless, Pierre Hardy is still capturing my attention whenever I run into a candid shot of his eye sandals and clutches.  Enjoy these.  Did I mention my dad is an eye doctor?  😀Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5

Vespa BK x The Style Saetta – Springtime with the Vespa Primavera: Take #1

My second collaboration with Vespa Brooklyn brought me to the streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn – one of the most scenic and epically “New York” places I’ve been to in the city.

As we rolled up to the docks, I was stunned by how perfectly my Vespa Primavera (in Rosso Red of course) complemented the backdrop.  I felt like I was on a movie set.  The Brooklyn Bridge peaking out between the antique buildings and winding cobblestone streets showcased my bike in the most picturesque sense.

That day two of my biggest inspirations came together so effortlessly – Iconic Italian style (the Vespa) and an era in American history when Italian immigrants came to this country in the 1930’s.  It left me feeling so motivated – I swear I was channeling their hopes and dreams as I zipped through those winding cobblestone streets.



1.  Vespa Primavera in Rosso.  –  2.  The menefreghista (me).   –  3.  Zara:  Darla, my skeleton umbrella.Slide3

4.  Junk in the Trunk:  Plenty of room for hiding designer goodies on the go.  –  5.  Christian Louboutin Espadrilles.  –  6.  Alexander Wang Burlap Sack.


7.  Freedom Tower (Amuricka!)  –  8.  Rosso Rosso Rosso.Slide5

9.  Saint Laurent Skinny Jeans.  –  10.  Zara Poplin Pop with Neck Embellishment.


11.  Prada Sunnies.  –  12.  My new friend, the Brooklyn Bridge.Slide7

Marbled Marvel

This weekend I went to my cousin’s wedding.  The gorgeous couple was complimented by an equally beautiful day.

Weddings always put me in a great mood… They are the perfect excuse to get a little fancy while celebrating one of life’s greatest privileges – love.

Below is a versatile outfit perfect for any special occasion, work or dinner date…

Slide1 Slide2

1.  Zara Marble Print Scuba Dress  – 2.  H&M Necklace –  3.  Zara Envelope Clutch  –  4.  Chloe Sandals

Black Cat, Cross My Path

I have always wondered where the black cat’s bad rep came from and the more I hang out with Mimi and Sister (my good friend Sarah’s friendly black kitties) the more I write off these superstitions as nothing but an old wives tale.

Mimi and Sister compliment Sarah’s interior decorating to a tee.  As always, I’m captivated by their visual harmony with Sarah’s light blue, black, white and natural wood color story.  A neutral graphic rug in sky blue and white serves as a perfect back drop to the kitties’ silky black fur. Green piercing eyes add that small interesting detail to this pleasing color blocking technique.

Below I’ve created a transitional Spring outfit perfect for work or a dinner date in the same color story inspired by Sarah’s interiors and her kitties… complete with small bright green detail.

Slide1   Slide2

1.  Roland Mouret  –  2.  Saks Fifth Avenue Collection –  3.  Valentino  –  4.  3.1 Philip Lim  –  5.  Fendi

Monday, Outfitted

I was going to start off this post raving about how this outfit is perfect for a Monday morning at work, but then I realized it probably isn’t the best option unless you are working in the fashion world.  Let’s be honest, these pants below are PJs disguised as real clothes.  Best trend ever!  I started noticing the gals at work wearing these last summer but I wasn’t ballsy enough to pull of the trend then.  I decided to go for it this time around, and most definitely will be investing in a few more pairs this season.



1.  Zara Printed Pants  –  2.  Kate Spade New York Tote  –  3.  J.Crew Classic V Neck Tee  –  4.  J.Crew Factory Crystal Sunrise Earrings  –  5.  Fendi Cuff, H&M Necklace  –  6.  Ray Ban Classic Aviators  –  7.  Zara Pointed D’Orsay Flats  –  7.  Zara Leather Moto Jacket


Pictures on the Wall

I believe in visualization leading to manifestation.

I know its sickeningly new age and probably breaks a number of Roman Catholic laws.  I can’t ignore my present life playing out exactly how I imagined it all those years ago.  My parents called this “Lisey Land,” my sixth-grade teacher called it ADD, a taxi cab driver from Brooklyn called it “psychic tendencies.”  Nonetheless, I love and hate my ability to get lost in my imagination. Today, as I look back on the last handful of years here in New York, I know this old habit of mine has been a bit dormant.  Perhaps I’ve been busy trying to “corporate-ify” myself… forcing myself to only pay attention to the calculated path.  The truth is, I’ve never worked well with a plan – and somehow my life seems to work best the less I try.

Continuing with the theme of adolescent day dreams, below are a handful of 2002 Spring/Summer ad campaigns that made me fall in love with fashion.  I had no taste, and no knowledge of what was actually respected in fashion (still arguable).  All I cared about was the name, the feeling, and one day possibly becoming a part of it all – whatever that meant.  Today, I’m so close, and I can feel it manifesting…

Slide7 Slide8 Slide9 Slide10

The Perfect Layer

About four years ago I picked up this flared Miss Sixty pea coat and it stays in my closet for three out of the four seasons.  I love the weight of this coat and structure.  Of course it wasn’t purchased as perfect as it is today – I had the sleeves lengthened, and the waist taken in a bit to emphasize the flare.  Again, making these little tweaks to ensure the perfect fit always pays off.


I paired a black Helmut sweatshirt with a high collar under the jacket, having the dramatic collar stick out of the jacket.


Throw on a HUGE pair of Prada sunglasses and voila!  You’re ready for brunch after a late night and no one will notice you aren’t wearing make up!