The Greenest of Grasses

I’m a chronic “grass is always greener” type of gal.  This default brain wave of mine has been a force of fierce motivation and a source of sheer frustration all at the same time.  The army of What Ifs rule this vulnerable territory of my little pea brain.  It is probably the reason why I can never fall asleep very easily.

With that being said, let’s visit my living situation – a 1 bedroom, one bath in Queens, NY.  Hubby and I have seriously dabbled in the options of upgrading and though financially feasible, we’ve come to the conclusion to take advantage of what we have, or more importantly… what we don’t have.

Renting kind of rules.  If there’s a problem, I call the super.  I don’t pay for heat or water.  If something breaks, it’s not my problem and when it snows… there’s nothing more cozy than hearing the sidewalk being shoveled by someone you don’t know every couple of hours.

The house horrors can wait.  Below is a sneak peak of my foyer revamp.


1.  Christian Louboutin Pigalle 85 Patent Pumps in Neptune  –  2.  Threshold by Target Fretwork Rug in Cream  –  3.  Pepsi Empire and Dumbo original prints by photographer Razorday  –  4. Martha Stewart Collection Serveware, Scalloped Cake Stand and Dome