Vespa BK x The Style Saetta – Love Is… Bold.

Love comes in many different forms, a variety even, of feelings and emotions that trigger a memorable high.  This universal language is what separates us as humans from the rest of the organisms inhabiting the planet earth.

Finding an interesting background in Brooklyn is an easy feat – the borough practically bleeds personality.   We came across this brick wall down the street from Vespa Brooklyn, it was weathered but its message clearly shined through: “Love is Patient.”

A simple statement adorned with primal colors, this message is hard to misunderstand.  I was instantly inspired by the simplicity of this whole setting.  My yellow 2015 Vespa Sprint completed the primary color trifecta of Red, Yellow and Blue – the fundamentals of every color in existence.  My black and white striped dress represents opposite and opposing colors lined up in a harmonious order making chaos so much easier on the eyes.

To top it off, “Love is Patient” directs us to simplify a feeling we overly complicate on an every day basis.

Have patience for one another.

Instant gratification is gone in a flash.  How do we make love last when everyone is watching?






Vespa BK x The Style Saetta – Springtime with the Vespa Primavera: Take #1

My second collaboration with Vespa Brooklyn brought me to the streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn – one of the most scenic and epically “New York” places I’ve been to in the city.

As we rolled up to the docks, I was stunned by how perfectly my Vespa Primavera (in Rosso Red of course) complemented the backdrop.  I felt like I was on a movie set.  The Brooklyn Bridge peaking out between the antique buildings and winding cobblestone streets showcased my bike in the most picturesque sense.

That day two of my biggest inspirations came together so effortlessly – Iconic Italian style (the Vespa) and an era in American history when Italian immigrants came to this country in the 1930’s.  It left me feeling so motivated – I swear I was channeling their hopes and dreams as I zipped through those winding cobblestone streets.



1.  Vespa Primavera in Rosso.  –  2.  The menefreghista (me).   –  3.  Zara:  Darla, my skeleton umbrella.Slide3

4.  Junk in the Trunk:  Plenty of room for hiding designer goodies on the go.  –  5.  Christian Louboutin Espadrilles.  –  6.  Alexander Wang Burlap Sack.


7.  Freedom Tower (Amuricka!)  –  8.  Rosso Rosso Rosso.Slide5

9.  Saint Laurent Skinny Jeans.  –  10.  Zara Poplin Pop with Neck Embellishment.


11.  Prada Sunnies.  –  12.  My new friend, the Brooklyn Bridge.Slide7